Step 1

Book an Estimate

Book an estimate at a time convenient for you, book online (anytime) or call us at 0414 415 458. Please include the preferred time and location for the free estimate.

Step 2

Schedule a Date

Schedule a date suitable for you! Once you’re happy with the design and final price, we schedule a date to begin. The Venetian Plaster Brisbane team works in the morning, afternoon or evening to get the project done whenever it’s most convenient for you.


Step 3

Let’s Take Care of it

We provide the material, labor and the clean up! Before any work gets started, the area of work will be completely covered and safe to work. Once we’re ready to begin the work, we do whatever is necessary for the project to look amazing.

Redesign Your

Entire Space

Venetian Plaster Brisbane is a crew of artist that transform interior spaces into artistic atmosphere by fusing decoration with automation. Our designs combine Venetian Plaster, Microcement, Resin, Light Automation, painting and more..

Shine like glass, smooth like silk.

Venetian Plaster is a 100% eco-friendly and natural product, that is applied by hand on surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Venetian Plaster Brisbane specializes in custom decorations for luxury restaurants, clubs, bars, retial stores, and homes. Painting: We understand that some areas of your project will need to be repaired and painted, so we also offer high end painting services by certified tradesmen. Automation: custom LED and smart light install and set up to showcase our beautiful work. You can set the atmosphere at night in your home or business to give a new life to your space that you can feel.